Legal Downloading

BlabberDownload was created as an alternative to illegal Christian download blogs. Instead of offering illegal downloads of artists music, we only post entries regarding free and legal material. It is our hope that by doing this we can decrease the amount of theft that is occurring because of these blogs.

BlabberDownload offers a collection of free music that Christian Metal, Hardcore, Hard Rock, etc. artists have released. This means that we try to ensure that all free downloads featured here are being given away by the artists, their agents, or record labels, etc. In other words, we try to make sure that all downloads on this blog are legal. However, there is the possibility that we may make a mistake, or downloads are no longer permitted of a particular artists work. If you find any entries on this blog that are not legal or are no longer permitted for download, please contact us here informing us of this:


18 Responses to “Legal Downloading”

  1. Exalted Dirt has “new” stuff available now. Here is my artist page at

  2. Amazing idea!!! I always see those illegal downloading websites where they have Christian music and worry greatly and have in fact been very conflicted this week about downloading from them. Thanks for giving an alternative that is legal!

  3. Jessica Says:

    Josh Dies of Showbread says that it’s okay to download Life, Kisses, And Other Wasted efforts off of the internet because it’s out of print and record company no longer exists. But I hate going to those sites that offer illegal downloads because I’m scared to death of viruses and scams… Would it be possible for you to put that album up here? Or at least direct me to a reliable site?

    • ironguardian88 Says:

      G’day Jessica. I’ll have a look around, and if I can find any official/reliable links, I’ll post there here for you.

      • really? showbread does NOT mind us just downloading that album from anywhere without paying a cent?
        not sure how true that is..
        if it is.. i’ll have a look too.

  4. Really great idea. I especially like the podcast idea. How do you ask the bands if it’s OK to show their music? I would like to show a few christian tunes on a video podcast


  5. Hello, this is great ideia to help people getting to know band!
    You can also publish the songs of my band Holy Cross if you have some interest on it. the link to the songs is this one:


    Emerson Olaf

  6. João Pedro Says:

    hey, could you always put the years in the álbuns?


    • ironguardian88 Says:

      Hey there,

      We don’t always know when something was released, but I’ll try and include the year for any new additions.

  7. Hey, where can I suggest a band or a site to you?

  8. Hello, i’m frensh and I can’t download Christian music. Where I can downaload Christian’s metal?

  9. Sweet site mate. Thanks so much. 🙂

  10. Paraguayo777 Says:

    God bless you man

  11. Good idea! GBY!

  12. This is a GREAT idea! Good job!

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