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Edge Of Eternity – 2 track download

Posted in E, Female Fronted metal, Symphonic on February 11, 2011 by skkorre

Female Fronted Symphonic Metal! Yes, we have one more! (well HB and Scandinavian Metal praise haven’t given out free downloads to my knowledge, good old Ivory moon has though 😉 )

Check Out Edge Of eternity, a band from South Carolina, that has given 2 free downloads.


  • The Enemy.
  • Spiritual Anorexia (No, not a living sacrifice cover)




Ulterium Records Artists.

Posted in Heavy Metal, Power Metal, Progressive, Symphonic, U, V, Various Styles on January 8, 2011 by skkorre

Most of these songs were probably featured before in this site in the form of samplers. These links let you download the songs individually/link to earlier posts made.

All the artists from the current Ulterium records lineup, click on their images to be linked to the download/the previously made post.


Note: I do not know if Seventh Avenue was ever a part of Ulterium records, but i do realise that they had a song featured in the record label sampler. For this reason, they are added to this post as well

Previously made posts:

To get some of these songs in a bundle, and possibly in better quality, check ulterium records sampler ( if it is still available)

Another Way to fight – Vol 3

Posted in A, Death Metal, Folk, Hardcore, Industrial, Melodic Metal, Metalcore, Other, Power Metal, Punk, Symphonic, Various Styles on December 14, 2010 by skkorre

The 3rd of Beehave‘ s massive compilations in these series, released a while ago this year.

Tracklist (clicking the band names will take you to their myspaces/websites – not the song)

[Quoted from]

Disk 1:

  1. Aaron Crider – Hallelu
  2. Abel – Standing Still
  3. Anchors – Singularity
  4. JJ Heller – Tell It Again mp3
  5. Lovelite – Apathy
  6. Future Of Forestry –  Do You Hear What I Hear
  7. The Sleep Design – Fire, The Grave, & The Eyes of Man
  8. Sleeping At Last – Porcelain
  9. The Ember Days – Simple Song
  10. A Play On Words –  Only At The Right Time
  11. Calling Out Closer – Breaking Boundaries
  12. Everett – Lay Down Your Arms
  13. Ian MacIntosh – Flight
  14. Bellarive – New Atmospheres
  15. The Neverclaim –  Revival
  16. Zoo Seven – Hundred Ways

Disk 2:

Disk 3:

Disk 4:

courtesy of Come & Live Records
courtesy of Facedown Records
courtesy of Line of Truth Distribution
with permission Youngside Records
All other songs are the intellectual property of their respective authors.

In Memory of Randy Miller ( The Myriad ) and Jan Gerritsen (ex- Make Up Your Mind ), died during the preparation of this compilation.

Download (French/Original version)

Download (English – google translated version)

Release: 2010

(Thanks to for letting us know!)

InnerWish – The signs of our lives (track)

Posted in I, Power Metal, Symphonic on December 5, 2010 by skkorre

Free track from the Symphonic/power metal band from Greece, Innerwish

  • The signs of our lives


Ivory Moon – Wasted Time (Track)

Posted in Female Fronted metal, I, Power Metal, Recommended, Symphonic on September 25, 2010 by skkorre

Free songs from the Symphonic/Epic Metal band from Italy, Ivory moon

Release: 2007

  • Wasted time.


  • Phantom ship

Check this post.

Divine Symphony – Reform (track)

Posted in Black Metal, D, Symphonic on September 13, 2010 by skkorre


divine symphonyFree song from symphonic black metal band, Divine Symphony.

The song ‘reform’ is from their album ‘The history”

Download: (right click the song, and click ‘save as’)

Release :2008

Note: The rest of the songs (by other bands) offered on the webpage seem to be samples rather than full songs, hence are not added to this website.

See The Light – Maranatha

Posted in Hardcore, Metalcore, Recommended, S, Symphonic on September 10, 2010 by skkorre

Free E.P from the band See the light.

The band fuses the melodies of keyboards with hardcore beats giving them an unique sound.

Release: 2009