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Royal Anguish – 4 Track download

Posted in Gothic, R on January 13, 2011 by skkorre
Free tracks from the gothic metal band, Royal anguish
  • I close my eyes
  • Rest in pieces


  • Pitch black
  • Twisted angel
  • My own despair (Not sure if this particular song works though)



The Beckoning – The Bloodlet(demo)

Posted in B, Doom Metal, Gothic, Recommended on December 28, 2010 by skkorre


Free tracks from the  Avant Garde/Gothic metal band from Canada, the Beckoning


  • An omen in the dark
  • Bloodlet

Release: 2010



Illuminandi – 3 track download

Posted in Folk, Gothic, I on November 26, 2010 by skkorre

Free tracks from the gothic/folk metal band from poland, Illuminandi

  • The light
  • ..So we..
  • Who will set me free now
  • Illumina Tenebras Meas Album mix


Undish – 3 track download

Posted in Gothic, U on October 1, 2010 by skkorre

Free tracks from the gothic metal band from poland, Undish.


  • IX (from the album “A Gift of Flying”)
  • Letters nr. 3 (from the album “Letters from the earth”)
  • Rose in a window (from the album “…acta est fabula”)

Note:These are the full songs on this page, there are other samples available too.


From Ashes – 2 Track download

Posted in Doom Metal, F, Gothic on September 15, 2010 by skkorre

Free tracks from Finland’s Blackened Gothic/Doom Metal band, From Ashes


Song of autumn


Release: 2007

Download (the page is in finnish, click ‘lataa mp3’ to download the songs individually)

Holy Cross – Medieval Heart EP (2002)

Posted in Gothic, H, Heavy Metal on April 26, 2010 by Rowland Gwynne

Style: Gothic, heavy metal

Released: 2002


  1. King of Eternity
  2. True Faith Not Religion
  3. Medieval Heart

DOWNLOAD (You can hear samples and download all three tracks from here)

Babylon Mystery Orchestra – Various Tracks

Posted in B, Gothic, Rock on September 2, 2009 by blabberdownload

babylon mystery orchestra

Genre: Gothic Metal/Rock

(Various tracks are available from this download)