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Bedeiah – Loving Conviction (remaster)

Posted in B, Black Metal on January 11, 2011 by Rowland Gwynne

Style: Black Metal

Track List:

  1. Torment (Intro)
  2. Damned
  3. To the Unholy
  4. Unblackened (Damned reprise)
  5. Confused Anguish
  6. There is None Righteous
  7. Remission by blood
  8. Pass Away
  9. There is None Righteous (bonus track)

DOWNLOAD (Each track has to be downloaded separately)


Blood Covenant – 2 albums and more.

Posted in B, Black Metal, Death Metal, I, S on October 22, 2010 by skkorre

REPUBLISHED POST. The links in the previous post for the same bands had expired so it was thought to republish it.

Free albums from the symphonic black metal band Blood covenant’s website

Featuring artists such as Blood Covenant, Iron Cross(previous name of Blood covenant), and Segor.

You can either choose to download the albums individually – by clicking on the direct links next to the tracklist of the albums.


you can choose to go the band’s website – by clicking the link at the bottom of this post – and have a look at the options, and get the links to download from there.

Blood Covenant – At the Cross (2009 Single album)

01. At The Cross (duduk mix)

02. At The Cross (vocal mix)


Blood Covenant – The Blood of the new covenant (2007)

1. symphony of eminence (intro)
2. magnification
3. dedication
4. the blood of the new covenant
5. the old cross (intro)
6. the old cross
7. eternal beauty
8. apocalypse
9. the choice
10. holy sanctuary



Blood Covenant – The Day of Lord (2003)


1. The Day Of Lord (Joel 1:1-2)
2. Blood Of Redemption (John 1:29)
3. Horns Of Jericho (Joshua 6:20)
4. Messiah (Isaiah 9:1-12)
5. The Old Cross (Colassians 2:14-15)
6. The King of Zion (Psalm 2:6-7)
7. Fall Babylon, Fall (Rev. 14:8-11)

Iron Cross – Self Titled (2001)

1. In The Likeness of You
2. Battles For Purity
3. Defeated Hell
4. Power Of God
5. The Immortal One
6. The Last Rain (Inst.)
7. Iron Cross (Inst.)


Segor- 10 Commandments (2010 Single)


Segor – The man of God (2009)

1. Divine Love To Mankind (Intro)
2. A Prayer of Faith in Time of Distress
3. The Eternity of God, and Man’s Fraitly
4. Save Me, oh God
5. Prayer Of Moses (The Man of God)
6. True Judgment of Mighty

There are other artists/related projects in the website, however I am not sure if they fall into the metal genre as i personally haven’t downloaded it yet. There is a high possibility that it is metal though.


(Expired Download) The Hard and the Heavy (Divine metal distro sampler Vol 2)

Posted in Black Metal, Doom Metal, Folk, Grindcore, H, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Limited Time Only, Power Metal, Thrash Metal, Various Styles on September 23, 2010 by skkorre

Free metal sampler from one of the affiliates of Untombed network, Divine metal distro.


1. Vengeance – Mulligan Stew
2. Lordchain – Losing Touch
3. Disaffection – The Mortuary Man
4. The Sacrificed – No Promise of Tomorrow
5. Eightball Cholos – Predators in the Pulpit
6. The Moshketeers – Ye!
7. Adiastasia – Kingdom of Glory
8. Messiah – Final Warning
9. Crystavox – Shame
10. The Rex Carroll Band – Circle of Love
11. My Silent Wake – I Am (Eternity)
12. Widow and the Son – Pulled from the Grave
13. The Synics Awakening – Spellbound
14. Holy Blood – Shining Sun
15. Messenger – Rulemaker (Live)
16. Saint – Ryders
17. Liberty N’ Justice – Do What You Believe
18. Deus Invictus – Ex Nihilo
19. Vengeance Rising – Cut Into Pieces

Sampler Release:2010


You will need to create an account at the site, to be able to purchase this sampler (even though it is free)

IMPORTANT: After checking out, when you receive your order number, scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the option to download


EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: When adding a download to your cart, you MUST check the “Download” box before adding the item to your cart. (as quoted from the website)

Divine Symphony – Reform (track)

Posted in Black Metal, D, Symphonic on September 13, 2010 by skkorre


divine symphonyFree song from symphonic black metal band, Divine Symphony.

The song ‘reform’ is from their album ‘The history”

Download: (right click the song, and click ‘save as’)

Release :2008

Note: The rest of the songs (by other bands) offered on the webpage seem to be samples rather than full songs, hence are not added to this website.

Primitive Church – Divinia Gloria DEMO

Posted in Black Metal, P on May 20, 2010 by Rowland Gwynne

Style: Raw Brazilian black metal

Released Early 2010

Track List unknown, haven’t personally downloaded it yet.



Pilgrimage – Premohol Brany Pekelne

Posted in Black Metal, P on April 27, 2010 by Rowland Gwynne

Style: Raw black metal

Released: 2010

Track List:

  1. Mrazivý zvuk zvonov krajinou sa rohlieha
  2. Premohol brány pekelné
  3. Kamenný gotický chrám
  4. Upadl wieki babilon (Fire throne – cover)



Ad Gloriam – Ad Limina Apostolorum (demo)

Posted in A, Black Metal on February 3, 2010 by Rowland Gwynne

Style: black metal

Track List:

1. Sola Gratia
2. The Strength of the Universe
3. Fear in the Hearts of Men
4. Timeo et Miror