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Temple of Blood – 4 track download

Posted in Power Metal, Speed Metal, T, Thrash Metal on November 30, 2010 by skkorre

Free tracks from the speed/thrash metal band, Temple of blood


  • Fearsome warrior
  • Summon the accused
  • Destruction of the twin cities
  • Conviction




Illuminandi – 3 track download

Posted in Folk, Gothic, I on November 26, 2010 by skkorre

Free tracks from the gothic/folk metal band from poland, Illuminandi

  • The light
  • ..So we..
  • Who will set me free now
  • Illumina Tenebras Meas Album mix


Beloved – 2 track download

Posted in B, Hardcore on November 22, 2010 by skkorre


Free tracks from the hardcore band from US, Beloved.

  • Aimless Endeavor
  • Death to traitors


Oskord – Salvation Ark (track)

Posted in Folk, O on November 12, 2010 by skkorre

After 3 members of holy blood left the band, they decided to form another folk metal band under the name of Oskord. Read more about their history at their website(link below) or as a topic in Blabberboard

This is a free track from their upcoming album, The copper servant.

  • Salvation Ark



Songs to slay the dragons Vol 2 – IndieVisionMusic compilation

Posted in Hardcore, Metalcore, S, Various Styles on November 8, 2010 by skkorre

Free compilation from IndieVisionMusic, released in 2010

Track Listing
1. Phinehas – I Am the Lion
2. Messengers – Judge (Courtesy of Facedown/Strike First Records)
3. With Life In Mind – King of Frauds (Courtesy of CI Records)
4. Close Your Eyes – The Body (Courtesy of Victory Records)
5. Gnashing of Teeth – Separate (Courtesy of Sancrosanct Records)
6. Hundredth – Desolate (Courtesy of MediaSkare Records)
7. Called to Arms – Vintage Pharisee (Courtesy of Tragic Hero Records)
8. The Gun Show – The Adegan System
9. Strengthen What Remains – Pathetic (Courtesy of On The Attack Records)
10. Where the Ocean Meets the Sky – We Are But Instruments (Courtesy of CI Records)
11. Fallstar – Hunters (Courtesy of Come & Live!)
12. Silence O Israel – Beware: Alexander the Coppersmith
13. Righteous Vendetta – The Dawning (Courtesy of Red Cord Records)
14. Centuries Apart – Malachi (My Messenger)
15. Cast Them To Ruin – Ocean Straight
16. I Am Alpha and Omega – The Bride (Courtesy of Come & Live!)
17. ForChristSake – Sleep
18. As Bold As Lions – Face of Reality
19. The Brigade – Teeth and Crowns
20. As Bold As Lions – Moving Forward
21. Mercy Screams – Thief In the Night
22. As Bold As Lions – The Anthem
23. Dependency – Fragile (Courtesy of Blood & Ink Records)
24. Sovereign Strength – Deliverance (Courtesy of MediaSkare Records)
25. Thin Ice – You Were There (Courtesy of Blood & Ink Records)
26. Sovereign Strength – Heartless (Courtesy of MediaSkare Records)
27. Debtor – Escape (Courtesy of Blood & Ink Records)
28. Sovereign Strength – The Suffering (Courtesy of MediaSkare Records)
29. Not One Is Upright – And They Were Likened Unto Dogs
30. Inlow – Ecclactide
31. Senseless Beauty – Fear and Loathing in Iowa City
32. Moshe Dayan – Arms of Desolation
33. Every Man For Himself – Te Mana Whakahaere (Autonomy) (Courtesy of Deadboy Records)
34. Divide the Sea – In Knowing, Triumph (Courtesy of Blood & Ink Records)
35. Milosny – Battle Line (Courtesy of Red Cord Records)
36. Awake the Suffering – Purities Walk Through The Vines (Courtesy of Raging Storm Records)
37. Before There Was Rosalyn – The Warrior (Courtesy of Victory Records)
38. Corpus Christi – Monuments (Courtesy of Victory Records)
39. Creations – Boom (P.O.D. Cover)
40. Clear Convictions – Justice From Heaven (On The Attack Records)
41. Saving Grace – Oaxaca (Courtesy of Deadboy & Strike First Records)
42. Second Thief – Perfection (Courtesy of Darkslate Records)
43. Auburn – Weary Bones and Watering Eyes (Demo) (Courtesy of Blue Duck Records)
44. Parallels – Patterns


Grave Forsaken – Light the Hall! (live)

Posted in G, Live, Thrash Metal on November 5, 2010 by skkorre

Pay-what-you-want album and a track from the aussie thrash metal band, Grave forsaken.

Style: Thrash/Heavy metal

Released: late 2009.


  • The calling
  • Warriors of light
  • Perish the thought
  • Destined for ascension
  • Horror and sadness
  • Harder to hate
  • The North Wind
  • No eye has seen
  • Wasting power
  • Death on the cross
  • Light the Hall

Also from the album, Destined for ascension

  • No eye has seen


Alternatively, you can purchase a hard copy of the album, on CD and vinyl HERE.

Soullhunter – Scanning Horizons

Posted in Heavy Metal, Power Metal, S on November 3, 2010 by skkorre

Free album from the heavy/power metal band, from Brazil Soullhunter (previously named as Soul Hunter)

Release: 2009

Scanning Horizons


1. 11 Seconds
2. Born
3. Still Believe
4. Scanning Horizons
5. Heavenly Fire
6. Holy Winds
7. Beyond the Dark Cloud
8. Sun of the Justice
9. Abyss of Illusion