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The Chariot – The Audience (track)

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Free track from The Chariot’s upcoming album, Long live (to be released in November 22nd)

  • The Audience




Blood Covenant – 2 albums and more.

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REPUBLISHED POST. The links in the previous post for the same bands had expired so it was thought to republish it.

Free albums from the symphonic black metal band Blood covenant’s website

Featuring artists such as Blood Covenant, Iron Cross(previous name of Blood covenant), and Segor.

You can either choose to download the albums individually – by clicking on the direct links next to the tracklist of the albums.


you can choose to go the band’s website – by clicking the link at the bottom of this post – and have a look at the options, and get the links to download from there.

Blood Covenant – At the Cross (2009 Single album)

01. At The Cross (duduk mix)

02. At The Cross (vocal mix)


Blood Covenant – The Blood of the new covenant (2007)

1. symphony of eminence (intro)
2. magnification
3. dedication
4. the blood of the new covenant
5. the old cross (intro)
6. the old cross
7. eternal beauty
8. apocalypse
9. the choice
10. holy sanctuary



Blood Covenant – The Day of Lord (2003)


1. The Day Of Lord (Joel 1:1-2)
2. Blood Of Redemption (John 1:29)
3. Horns Of Jericho (Joshua 6:20)
4. Messiah (Isaiah 9:1-12)
5. The Old Cross (Colassians 2:14-15)
6. The King of Zion (Psalm 2:6-7)
7. Fall Babylon, Fall (Rev. 14:8-11)

Iron Cross – Self Titled (2001)

1. In The Likeness of You
2. Battles For Purity
3. Defeated Hell
4. Power Of God
5. The Immortal One
6. The Last Rain (Inst.)
7. Iron Cross (Inst.)


Segor- 10 Commandments (2010 Single)


Segor – The man of God (2009)

1. Divine Love To Mankind (Intro)
2. A Prayer of Faith in Time of Distress
3. The Eternity of God, and Man’s Fraitly
4. Save Me, oh God
5. Prayer Of Moses (The Man of God)
6. True Judgment of Mighty

There are other artists/related projects in the website, however I am not sure if they fall into the metal genre as i personally haven’t downloaded it yet. There is a high possibility that it is metal though.


Audiovision – Keep the fire burning (track)

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Free track from the power metal band, Audiovision

Info on the band: this is one of the projects vocalist Christian Rivel-Liljegren (DivinefireNarniaWisdom Call, Flagship, Modest Attraction, Golden Resurrection) is currently involved with.

  • Keep the fire burning


  • The invitation (limited time only)

Check the Ulterium Records sampler

Release: 2010

Adelaide – 2 track download

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Free tracks from the deathcore band, Adelaide

  • For all those in the dark
  • One like the son of man


Sleeping giant – He will reign (track)

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Free track from the hardcore band, Sleeping giant

  • He will reign (from the album “sons of thunder”)


Release: 2009

Note: this song is not hardcore,or rock even. It has straightforward Christian and worship lyrics and the band is predominantly hardcore in its songs, hence this was chosen to add here.

Summer Slam Vol. 3 (2009)

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ivm summer slam vol 3 disc 1ivm summer slam vol 3 disc 2ivm summer slam vol 3 disc 3

Free sampler from Indie vision music. Featuring many rock and metal bands, and downloads that you won’t get for free anywhere else.

[This post was added to blabberdownload last year, however there was no tracklisting in that post which might not have caught the attention of much people. So it was thought to edit the entry and re-publish it]

Genre: Rock/Heavy Metal/Various Styles

The following is directly quoted from IVM:

“Indie Vision Music’s new summer sampler is finally ready! Download this eclectic group of songs at the links below. Make sure to visit each of the bands on their respective myspace pages […] This sampler is split into three discs to make downloading a bit easier. We have split them into two rock discs and one heavier disc. They are just around 80 minutes each so they should fit nicely on 80 minute CD-Rs if you want to burn them.”

Tracklisting For disc 1:

01 – Take it Back! – New Empires *Appears courtesy of Facedown Records

02 – Sleeping Giant – Sons of Thunder *Appears courtesy of Facedown Records

03 – Everdown – WD40 *Appears courtesy of Urban Achiever
04 – Harmony – End of My Road *Appears courtesy of Ulterium Records
05 – Hands – Of the Flesh *Appears courtesy of Facedown Records
06 – Redemption – Lifeboat
07 – I Am Terrified – Falling on Everlasting *Appears courtesy of Gotee Records
08 – Impending Doom – More Than Conquerors *Appears courtesy of Facedown Records

09 – Venia (From Finland) – A Sigh of Redemption *Appears courtesy of Open Grave Records
10 – Theocracy – Laying the Demon to Rest *Appears courtesy of Ulterium Records

11 – Holding Onto Hope – Between Failure and Fraud *Appears courtesy of Come & Live

12 – Wolves Among Sleep – Red Hands Make for a Guilty Conscience *Appears courtesy of Blue Duck Records
13 – Burn the Ruin – Ruins
14 – We Set Fire – Deliverance
15 – For Today – Saul of Tarsus (The Messenger) *Appears courtesy of Facedown Records

16 – Through Solace – Change of Heart *Appears Courtesy of Strike First Records

17 – Hope in the Unseen – Before the Sky Falls

Tracklisting For disc 2:

01 – All Star United – Surface of the Sun
02 – The Echoing Green – Epiphany
03 – Advantage – The Miracle
04 – Ascend the Hill – Sing *Appears courtesy of Come & Live
05 – Beauti – The Great Pretenders
06 – To Tell – All I Need to Lose
07 – Ocean is Theory – A City of Water
08 – Dear Future – Can’t Wait Any Longer
09 – Rootdown – Taking Over Me
10 – Jeanna Krater – Goodbye New York
11 – The Radiance Effect – Prodigal
12 – Grave Robber – Fear No Evil
13 – Hello Madison – What You Deserve
14 – Storyline – Welcome Home
15 – TWENTYFOUR64 – We Are Taking Over
16 – Sleep for Sleepers – Thieves & Bones
17 – Cannonhands – You Fought Wars *Appears courtesy of Future Destination Records

18 – Mrenc – Yeah! (Alright!)
19 – Say You Will – Believing
20 – The Ember Days – Run to You *Appears courtesy of Come & Live

Tracklisting For disc 3:

01 – Thieves & Liars – Till the Walls Fall Down *Appears courtesy of Dreamt Music

02 – Abel – My Melody *Appears courtesy of Dreamt Music
03 – Ian McIntosh – Come Away *Appears courtesy of Come & Live
04 – So Long Forgotten – Hills Humbled, Mountains Made Low *Appears courtesy of Come & Live

05 – The Vanity Plan – Declare
06 – Hand Drawn Mountains – Oil and Water
07 – Great Awakening – New Life *Appears courtesy of Come & Live
08 – Delay Trees – About Brothers
09 – ApathyEdge – Wake Up Restart
10 – Facing Binary – Anomia
11 – Life of Branches – Every Day You Are
12 – Red Letter Band – Aint Ever Getting Me Down
13 – Paralysed Force – Save (Twilight Remix)
14 – Sinai Vessel – Listening
15 – The Skeleton at the Feast – I Hope Your Heart Attacks
16 – Surrendered – Where is the Love
17 – Awake Awake – Sight (Live Acoustic)
18 – Orphan Project – Head On Your Platter *Appears courtesy of Open Grave Records
19 – Orion Walsh – Freedom Lost or Freedom Found


Sinbreed – Newborn Tomorrow (Track)

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Free track from the German power metal band, Sinbreed

  • Newborn tomorrow


  • Also available via the ulterium records sampler, with many other songs.

Check this post (Possibly better audio quality, however there is an uncertainty as to how long the sampler will be available for download)

Release: 2010