Facedown Records – Spring Sampler 2010

Apparently the sampler that Facedown records released early this year is STILL available. Usually when record labels release new samplers,they remove the previous ones.

So, it seems that we have 3 samplers ready to be downloaded if required.



  1. War Of Ages – Desire
  2. Onward To Olympas – Sink Or Swim
  3. A Hope For Home – The Machine Stops
  4. Wrench In The Works – Project Ak-47
  5. Hands – Of The Flesh
  6. For Today – Saul Of Tarsus (The Messenger)
  7. Call To Preserve – Hope For The Fallen
  8. A Plea For Purging – Malevolence
  9. Sleeping Giant – The Army Of The Chosen One
  10. Impending Doom – More Than Conquerors
  11. Take It Back! – Hollow Eyes
  12. Letter To The Exiles – It’s Never Safe To Dream
  13. Saving Grace – Unbreakable


(Note: you will have to provide your email address. the instructions are provided in the webpage)

Check the following posts for the other samplers:


1. For Today “Devastator”
2. My Epic “Lower Still”
3. War Of Ages “Collapse”
4. In The Midst Of Lions “The Machine”
5. A Hope For Home “The Overman”
6. Impending Doom “Orphans”
7. Call To Preserve “Empty”
8. A Plea For Purging “Shiver”
9. The Burial “Demons Never Sleep”
10. Onward To Olympas “Sink Or Swim”
11. As Hell Retreats “Poor God”
12. Wrench In The Works “Project AK-47″


  1. A Plea For Purging – “Malevolence”
  2. War Of Ages – “All Consuming Fire”
  3. Impending Doom – “More Than Conquerors”
  4. Hands – “Hope”
  5. Call To Preserve – “Hope For The Fallen”
  6. Wrench In The Works – “One Foot Out Of Hell”
  7. Sleeping Giant – “Blame It On The Holy Rollers”
  8. For Today – “Agape”
  9. Take It Back! – “All That Keeps Us Strong”
  10. Earth From Above – “Fatum”
  11. A Hope For Home – “Iniquity: An Offering”
  12. The Great Commission – “I Dub City”
  13. In The Midst Of Lions- “Herod’s Demise”
  14. Hope For The Dying – “Our Fallen Comrades”
  15. Through Solace – “Change Of Heart”
  16. The Rekoning – “I Believe”

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