The Crimson Armada – Alive (P.O.D cover)

Genre: Technical metalcore/ deathcore

Release: 2010

The page contains 2 s0ngs, one of which is Alive, and the other is “composed of stone”. The second song’s link has expired which is why it has not been added here.

Download (No longer available: Read below)

(This link is directed to their myspace (which does contatin the download link), so that anyone can clear their questions on whether the download is legal)

EDIT: This download no longer seems to be available. If it becomes available again, we will post this again. Apologies for all inconveniences caused.


2 Responses to “The Crimson Armada – Alive (P.O.D cover)”

  1. both links have been used up according to what it said when I tried to download it.

    • I just saw Alive is not available anymore either. I am SO sorry guys. Hopefully maybe we can contact the band and let them know in some way.

      I really am sorry guys for disappointing you.

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