Maylene and the Sons of Disaster – Various tracks

Free tracks from Southern metal band, Maylene and the sons of disaster.

Tracklist 1:

  • Dry the river (from album II)
  • Caution: Dangerous Curves ahead (from self titled album)
  • Hell on the rise (from self titled album)
  • Gusty like the wind (from self titled album)
  • The Mind of a Grimes (from self titled album)

Download (1.”enter” the website the audio player on top,select one song at a time, right click and select download)

  • Tough as John Jacobs (from self titled album)

Download (you do need to register with MonovsStereo’s website (their former record label) in order to obtain this download)

  • Step up (I’m on it!)  – (from the album III)

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2 Responses to “Maylene and the Sons of Disaster – Various tracks”

  1. yyyyy are you sure that this is legal? they don’t say anything about this downloads :/

    • the 5 tracks are from their official website. their own. if it is up there and available to download: why can’t we? 🙂 if you think saving songs from audio players are illegal, let me tell you this: I myself have seen other bands use similar players but does not allow the option of downloading (in other words, those bands do not want people to download it but rather just stream and listen to it online).

      also, “tough as john jacobs” is found in their former record label(mono vs stereo)’s official website. you do need to register to their website in order to get this download.

      I do understand your concern though. Perhaps the band is not aware that THEY themselves are giving so many songs away for free. Then again, they might be totally aware (well it is THEIR own site) of it and might be showing an effort to prevent illegal downloading of their full albums.

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