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Rehumanize – Grindocalypse (Final album)

Posted in Grindcore, R on September 30, 2010 by Rowland Gwynne

Style:  Grindcore

Released: 30 Sept, 2010


1. Justice Calls Our Name
2. Obligated to Suffer
3. Not Even One
4. The Lakeland Delusion (re-recorded)
5. The 7 Axioms of Christ
6. Psychopharmacologist (re-recorded)
7. With All Due Respect, Reverend
8. Kerney Thomas
9. John Crowder
10. New Apostolic Deception
11. Extreme Prophetic Nightmare
12. Brain Decimation
13. Blame Pain
14. Demise of the Adult Industry III
15. Endogenous
16. N.I.F.M (No Intoxication For Me)
17. Sting of Conviction
18. Somebody Else
19. Body Image Anxiety
20. End!

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Adiastasia – 2 track download

Posted in A, Power Metal on September 29, 2010 by skkorre
Free tracks from the power metal band from Brazil, Adiastasia.
  • Father of light
  • The fellowship


The Chariot – 2 track download

Posted in C, Hardcore, Metalcore, Punk on September 28, 2010 by skkorre

Free tracks from the metalcore/punk band, The Chariot.


  • Dialogue with a question mark
  • The company, The comfort, the grave


Ivory Moon – Wasted Time (Track)

Posted in Female Fronted metal, I, Power Metal, Recommended, Symphonic on September 25, 2010 by skkorre

Free songs from the Symphonic/Epic Metal band from Italy, Ivory moon

Release: 2007

  • Wasted time.


  • Phantom ship

Check this post.

Facedown Records – Spring Sampler 2010

Posted in Deathcore, F, Metalcore on September 24, 2010 by skkorre

Apparently the sampler that Facedown records released early this year is STILL available. Usually when record labels release new samplers,they remove the previous ones.

So, it seems that we have 3 samplers ready to be downloaded if required.



  1. War Of Ages – Desire
  2. Onward To Olympas – Sink Or Swim
  3. A Hope For Home – The Machine Stops
  4. Wrench In The Works – Project Ak-47
  5. Hands – Of The Flesh
  6. For Today – Saul Of Tarsus (The Messenger)
  7. Call To Preserve – Hope For The Fallen
  8. A Plea For Purging – Malevolence
  9. Sleeping Giant – The Army Of The Chosen One
  10. Impending Doom – More Than Conquerors
  11. Take It Back! – Hollow Eyes
  12. Letter To The Exiles – It’s Never Safe To Dream
  13. Saving Grace – Unbreakable


(Note: you will have to provide your email address. the instructions are provided in the webpage)

Check the following posts for the other samplers:


1. For Today “Devastator”
2. My Epic “Lower Still”
3. War Of Ages “Collapse”
4. In The Midst Of Lions “The Machine”
5. A Hope For Home “The Overman”
6. Impending Doom “Orphans”
7. Call To Preserve “Empty”
8. A Plea For Purging “Shiver”
9. The Burial “Demons Never Sleep”
10. Onward To Olympas “Sink Or Swim”
11. As Hell Retreats “Poor God”
12. Wrench In The Works “Project AK-47″


  1. A Plea For Purging – “Malevolence”
  2. War Of Ages – “All Consuming Fire”
  3. Impending Doom – “More Than Conquerors”
  4. Hands – “Hope”
  5. Call To Preserve – “Hope For The Fallen”
  6. Wrench In The Works – “One Foot Out Of Hell”
  7. Sleeping Giant – “Blame It On The Holy Rollers”
  8. For Today – “Agape”
  9. Take It Back! – “All That Keeps Us Strong”
  10. Earth From Above – “Fatum”
  11. A Hope For Home – “Iniquity: An Offering”
  12. The Great Commission – “I Dub City”
  13. In The Midst Of Lions- “Herod’s Demise”
  14. Hope For The Dying – “Our Fallen Comrades”
  15. Through Solace – “Change Of Heart”
  16. The Rekoning – “I Believe”

(Expired Download) The Hard and the Heavy (Divine metal distro sampler Vol 2)

Posted in Black Metal, Doom Metal, Folk, Grindcore, H, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Limited Time Only, Power Metal, Thrash Metal, Various Styles on September 23, 2010 by skkorre

Free metal sampler from one of the affiliates of Untombed network, Divine metal distro.


1. Vengeance – Mulligan Stew
2. Lordchain – Losing Touch
3. Disaffection – The Mortuary Man
4. The Sacrificed – No Promise of Tomorrow
5. Eightball Cholos – Predators in the Pulpit
6. The Moshketeers – Ye!
7. Adiastasia – Kingdom of Glory
8. Messiah – Final Warning
9. Crystavox – Shame
10. The Rex Carroll Band – Circle of Love
11. My Silent Wake – I Am (Eternity)
12. Widow and the Son – Pulled from the Grave
13. The Synics Awakening – Spellbound
14. Holy Blood – Shining Sun
15. Messenger – Rulemaker (Live)
16. Saint – Ryders
17. Liberty N’ Justice – Do What You Believe
18. Deus Invictus – Ex Nihilo
19. Vengeance Rising – Cut Into Pieces

Sampler Release:2010


You will need to create an account at the site, to be able to purchase this sampler (even though it is free)

IMPORTANT: After checking out, when you receive your order number, scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the option to download


EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: When adding a download to your cart, you MUST check the “Download” box before adding the item to your cart. (as quoted from the website)

Still Remains – Various tracks

Posted in Metalcore, S on September 22, 2010 by skkorre

Free songs from the former metalcore band, Still Remains (Roadrunner Records)


  • Light through Skin
  • White Walls


  • Avalanche