Stairs To Nowhere – Adieu Delicate Atheist

Style: Indie Rock

Track List:

  1. Roadkill & Cigars
  2. Charlotte
  3. Catwalks (on the moon)
  4. Cyanide
  5. Inebriated Cowboys want their blackouts in a glass
  6. Silent Times (between torpedoes)
  7. Another World
  8. Cosmopolitan Revolution in C#
  9. The Polka Device Just Crashed // The destroyer outro
  10. Sailors Life

The download if free, from their website. You can download the tracks in a variety of formats, although if you want to download the whole album at once, they require an email address to send the link to.

IronGuardian: Lyrically, these guys are kinda hard to understand. I guess that’s part of the whole “indie rock” package though.



One Response to “Stairs To Nowhere – Adieu Delicate Atheist”

  1. This band is awesome!!! i’ve got to know the drummer of this band, and i’m happy to have the original, hand painted, copy of this album. And i’m really happy with it. These guys have an amazing, yet never ever heard before sound that will blow your mind!

    as you may see, i’m indeed a fan of this band, i really really like their unique sound. and something that’s really cool is that they are from my country. So there is finally coming some good music from the Netherlands!!!

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