Kingdom of Metal Land (Compilation)

kingdom of metal land compilation

Genere: Various Styles

Track Listing:

  1. Soul Hunter – Born
  2. Krig – Mercenary Pastor
  3. Marttyrium – Hell
  4. Filthiness of Flesh – From Birth to Abandonment
  5. Peso Eterno – Amarrado
  6. Anjos de Salém -A saga
  7. Pescadores de Almas – Tetelastae
  8. Scourges – Angels of Darkness
  9. Delohim -Don´t forget me
  10. Atrophis – Radiant Gates of Decay
  11. Memorial Death (Portugal) – Freedom
  12. Hawk Angel -Almas
  13. Azorrague – First Sacrifice
  14. Diesmortem (Bolívia) – Condena de muerte
  15. Baraque´s Lord -Fights and Wars, that Winnered Turn in a True Life
  16. Hazeroth – Predições do célebre castigo (Clamor e misericórdia)


Metal Land Website


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