Puritan – The Firm Foundation of Ceaseless Despair (2009)

puritan - the firm foudation of ceaseless despair

Genre: Hardcore/Metalcore/Death Metal

Track Listing:

  1. Under the Rubble of a Decadent America
  2. Redemption
  3. Multitudes in the Valley of Ignorance
  4. The Mother of the Abominations of Earth and Sluts
  5. When the Sun Turns into Darkness and the Moon into Blood
  6. Firm Ground of Despair Incessant
  7. Word of Fire




2 Responses to “Puritan – The Firm Foundation of Ceaseless Despair (2009)”

  1. Clicking on the Download link leads to a site called Orkut, where you must create an account using your Google login. Once you have created an account, you are at your own new profile page, not at the download page of Puritan. Not only this, but after the account has been created, doing a member search for Puritan yields no results. I suspect that the Download link is pointing to the wrong page. I also could not find any album download info from the band’s MySpace page.

    • blabberdownload Says:

      Alright I looked into this, and if the account is created at Orkut, and THEN you click the download link WHILE you are signed in to Orkut, it should work. However, I’ve since found the link to the actual download location from the band’s Orkut (Remember to be logged into Orkut when you click this) page. The link in the entry has been replaced with the correct location of the download link so that it is easier to obtain, sorry to all who have had trouble with this download!

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